No one can teach it like you can


Take your ideas to the next level, showcase your skills, and easily create an online course.


Everything in one easy-to-use place, making sharing your creations with the world effortless!


Take what you know and make a little extra income by selling an online course in our marketplace!

Keep what you sell

You'll earn money every time a student purchases your course – we only keep 4% to cover processing fees*. It's a win-win!

Give back

Feel good knowing that we take a cut of our sales – not yours – and donate it to charity. $1 from every monthly plan and $10 from every annual plan.

How To Become A Teacher

You have so much knowledge under your belt just waiting to be shared with the world! Now you can easily share it and build your community.

We know you have shied away from creating an online course on those other platforms because of the tech being too complicated and all the extra fees they add in, but give us a chance – see how Stupid Easy is disrupting the industry and being a leader in bite-sized learning for all!

Whether you’re a first-time course creator or a seasoned pro, Stupid Easy has everything you need to share your knowledge with the world. The best part is, we left out all the fluff and the stuff you don’t like – take a look:

  • 10-minutes or less videos (1 video for each lesson)
  • Easy to use course creator: No techie required
  • Flat monthly or yearly fee
  • Unlimited courses with 96% instant payout (minimum $10)

What’s also unique about Stupid Easy is that you can create your course on your phone without downloading an app or pinching in or out to see the pages. We also take a portion of our sales – not yours – and donate them to charity.

You’ve spent time, money and resources to get to where you are now, so why not share that knowledge out and earn some money back if you choose to?

You don’t have to be “an expert” and know every in and out of your topic. What you do need to know is what’s the problem your ideal customer is facing and what’s the solution? You have to realize that there are people out there willing to pay you – yes you – to teach them. Especially if you can teach them what they need to know in a short amount of time.

By creating an online course here on Stupid Easy you are building your credibility.

People will start to see you as someone they can turn to for learning more about the topic you know about and are teaching. Keep in mind an “expert” is someone who is one step ahead of someone else and knows how to utilize their resources. An “expert” is someone who provides value and doesn’t worry about the numbers as those will come later.

Not only will you become more recognized in the online education space you will also be increasing your opportunities for your business – whether online or offline.

Stupid Easy provides you with the marketplace your course and business needs in order to get noticed.

Become a teacher today and create an online course. From there you will start building relationships and soon start earning extra money on the side if you choose to charge for your course.

Whether it’s your first time creating an online course or your 100th time, we got you covered. We help teach you what you need to know no matter what stage you’re at.

Stupid Easy is not just about creating and selling courses – it’s also about building a community which is what you will be a part of once you join.

Together we will work on:

  • Course creation
  • Sales & marketing
  • Teaching
  • Support and so much more!

Teachers will also have access to the private knowledge base section in the support forums where we provide extra resources just for you. As a community we learn, share, and grow together. Teamwork = Success!

Currently, we are not accepting any new members. We thank you for your interest.

What People Say

What people say about Stupid Easy.

Brittney Marie

Brittney Marie

I honestly love your entire concept and I think THIS is the platform I have been waiting for to create and sell my courses on. Quick and to the point courses, with a platform that will expand due to the ability for students to see and purchase other courses available. It’s like Coursera for all things internet!!! 

Dr. Lindsay Padilla

Dr. Lindsay Padilla

The learning research is in…and Stupid Easy is answering the call! As an online course creator and past college professor, I know the importance of straight-and-to-the-point. This platform is designed to make us all better teachers (and learners)! Microlearning is where it’s at!


Shelby Knick

Shelby Knick

The “Stupid Easy” website is so clean and simple to use! It makes the whole process of finding what I want to learn more about so easy! The level of professionalism is impressive and their passion really shows through in what they do! They were super quick to answer my questions as well!”

Benjamin Tyrrel

Benjamin Tyrrel

Stupid Easy is just that. Stupid easy! If you need a simple and quick course platform, Stupid Easy lets you build your course in a matter of minutes without the headache of learning complicated software. Plus, with Stupid Easy, you are not just another course creator, but a member of a growing community of like-minded instructors and students looking to share ideas and give back to the world!
Jane Brink

Jane Brink

I have taken courses made in other programs/platforms and you can get lost on just the homepage alone! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that this is such a CLEAN design, easy to use and is all on the home page. Plus, the course material will be reviewed so you get another set of eyes and opinions – This to me is revolutionary! (more…)

Jess Hoffman

Jess Hoffman

I wish creating my WordPress website was as easy as creating a course on! One of my favorite aspects of the site is how easy it is to find courses right in the search box on the home page. It is great to have a platform where I can learn and become a teacher all in one place.  (more…)